Book Drive Tips

Here are some helpful tips for conducting a book drive for Spread the Word Nevada:

  1. Become familiar with Spread the Word Nevada. Explore our website.
  2. Set a goal for the number of books you would like to collect.
  3. Figure out who you are asking to donate books (church, school, club)? Then get the word to them!
  4. Make sure they know the type of books you are collecting:
    a. New or Gently Used
    b. We do NOT need encyclopedias, comic books, coloring books or text books.
  5. Count and box the books (report number to MacKenzie Cortez)
  6. Contact MacKenzie Cortez at 775-507-7007 or at the completion of the book drive to arrange a pick up.

Book Drive Flyers

Click the flyer that works best for your organization, download it, and then edit it with your information.