Books & Buddies℠

Books & Buddies℠ Multi-Generational Reading Program was developed to improve the reading and comprehension skills of at-risk children by partnering them with volunteer mentors acting as reading companions. Working together, the volunteer and student focus on improving the child’s reading proficiency, comprehension, and oral reading skills. Mentors provide their “buddy” the much needed individualized attention to enhance classroom literacy efforts which are, unfortunately, often absent from the child’s home environment.

Quotes From Books & Buddies℠ Mentors and Teachers

“Such an amazing program! I truly believe these children are being helped with every session! What a wonderful feeling to make an impact on these kids’ lives!”

– B&B Mentor

“The time my students spent with their buddy was extremely helpful to them. I would love to have them help again next year. ”

– Classroom Teacher

“Program is well run, intentions clear and on-going communication excellent. I think the children benefit from the time with the mentors.”

– B&B Mentor

“Mentors were on-time and dedicated to the growth of the students.”

– School Facilitator

Mentor Requirements

  • Completed application
  • Mentor Orientation and Training session (1 1/2 hours)
  • Criminal Background Check (Spread the Word Nevada absorbs the cost)
  • One hour per week
  • Transportation to and from the school locations

Three Essential Qualities of a Mentor

Available Time

Be Realistic – Do you have the time to build this relationship?

YES     NO


Physically and Emotionally – Can you regularly show up and maintain interest over a period of time?

YES     NO

Developmental Attitude

Is your goal to help a “buddy” grow in both skills and confidence and not to “fix” the child’s problems?

YES     NO

If you answered YES to the three questions above, we very much want YOU as a Books & Buddies mentor! Please click below!

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