In Your Will:

You can leave a bequest which specifically names Spread the Word Nevada as a beneficiary. If you wish, you may also direct how the bequest is to be used. For example, you may specify a certain program Spread the Word Nevada provides, or a school we serve.

You can leave a residual bequest, which names Spread the Word Nevada as the beneficiary of the remainder of your estate after all other specific bequests have been distributed to your heirs.

You can leave a contingent bequest, which names Spread the Word Nevada as the beneficiary of some part or all of your estate only if a specific beneficiary predeceases you, or if some other contingent event occurs.

In Your Trust

You can leave a gift through your living trust, which you create during your lifetime. You can also create a testamentary trust, funded by a bequest left in your Will. These gifts will be administered by your trustee after your death.

Your gift through a trust may be a one-time gift, or several gifts made over a period of time.

Other Asset Transfers:

You can transfer other assets to Spread the Word Nevada. Here are some examples:

  • Cash donation
  • In-kind donation (supplies, equipment, or vehicles)
  • Real estate – transfer real property to Spread the Word Nevada through a deed or other instruction
  • Retirement plan assets – name Spread the Word Nevada as a beneficiary
  • Insurance policies – name Spread the Word Nevada as a beneficiary

Tax Advantages:

Spread the Word Nevada is a 501 (C)(3) non-profit corporation. Some of the gifts outlined above may provide tax advantages to you during your lifetime, and/or to your heirs after your death. Please consult a tax attorney or financial professional to discuss these possibilities.

If you have any questions, or would like more information, please contact us:

Spread the Word Nevada
1065 American Pacific Drive, Suite 160
Henderson, NV 89074