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Laurie Hartig, Founder

Laurie Hartig is a retired elementary school librarian. Laurie graduated from Southern Methodist University with a B.A. in Education and a Masters Degree from UNLV in Curriculum and Instruction, specializing in Library Science.

During her 16 years working with children in underserved communities, she realized the impact that ownership of books made in the lives of her young students. Although inspiring children to check out books from her library was her goal, when she could provide youngsters with a book of their own from her discarded library books, this was when she saw the magic of book ownership. Her students sparkled—they stood taller and prouder.

At Spread the Word Nevada, Laurie promotes the program through speaking engagements and other outreach efforts for the continued growth of our mission.

Lisa Habighorst, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Lisa Habighorst is the Chief Executive Officer at Spread the Word Nevada. Her diverse career includes more than 12 years as an Elementary School Teacher and Middle School Mathematics Teacher. She earned her undergraduate degree in Education at Oregon State University and a Masters Degree in Education Administration from University of Nevada Las Vegas.

Lisa, a believer in literacy and an avid reader, jumped at the chance to lead Spread the Word Nevada at its inception in July 2001. Under her leadership, this literacy nonprofit has grown to be the largest in Nevada.

Lisa is responsible for the overall management of Spread the Word Nevada. She oversees daily operations, all employees, and financials for the organization. Lisa spends a large amount of time on growing the program through Board relations, strategic planning, vision and stability.